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it’s time to move on

Technically, I’ve already moved on. As in, moved across several states (though thankfully not outside the EST timezone) to a new life as a resident of the Midwest — specifically, Bloomington, Indiana.

It all seems to have happened pretty fast, seeing as how October is right around the corner and I could swear that the last time I checked in with this blog wasn’t THAT long ago. Ah, how Major Life Changes (there those are again) and unbelievable stress can make the days and nights blur into weeks and months with the greatest of ease.

How I got from point A(lbany) to point B(loomington) is pretty straightforward: my brilliant husband got a fantastic scholarship to attend Indiana University’s law school, and we packed up our respective compact cars and headed west, arriving in our new home on August 1. But really, the entire decision-making process, including where Nick would apply, if he was even serious about going back to school, and ultimately, where we would be spending the next three years of our lives ended up taking quite a while.

While I was initially hesitant about his selection of Indiana as one of his final choice universities, it took one visit to campus in late March to earn my affection and sway my opinion. Lush greenery and endless flowering bushes and trees left no doubt about the aptness of the Bloomington moniker, and the gorgeous, sprawling campus was impressive to say the least. We were smitten, and when Nick decided that this was the place for him, I heartily agreed.

Then we moved here. From the moment we walked into our apartment’s smells-like-urine vestibule, it became apparent that we were not in Menands anymore. Fond memories of our former apartment faded away as we were faced with a cramped, hastily-slapped-together abode teeming with stains, broken fixtures, insects, and so little storage space that I wondered if it would even be possible to fit everything the yet-to-arrive moving truck was carrying. Coupling those concerns with a collection of seriously shady (and incredibly loud) neighbors — save for the awesome twosome across the hall — and we (or at least I) were seriously wondering whether we had made a mistake.

It’s been a long, slow adjustment period, and there are still some kinks we have yet to work out and many things to acclimate to in our new environment (oh, our previous kitchen’s copious cupboards, how I miss you!), but life has been steadily improving. Of course, the irony as I type this is that I am once again unemployed (as you might recall, my previous joblessness was in part the inspiration to start this blog in the first place), and suddenly find myself with all sorts of time to stew in my unhappiness (and broke-assness).

Well, as the title of this post suggests, it’s time to move on. The only way to break out of a funk is to actively try, and that’s my goal from now onward. Sure, you may catch me complaining about some recent injustice or inconvenience on occasion (ask me some time to tell you about my three trips in two weeks to the DMV BMV), and I suppose that’s to be expected. But I’m going to do my best to let the negative things roll off my back, and embrace the excitement (and, if we’re being completely honest, terror) of an entirely blank slate.

Oh also, if you know of any print or online publications hiring in south central Indiana, could you let me know? Not that I’m not happy about the prospect of becoming a regular blogger again, but, uh, a sister’s gotta pay the bills.