married to blogging

dessert + photography = love

Okay, so maybe that’s not the most accurate description of my online activities of late (what can I say? I’m a busy gal), but it’s how I feel deep down inside.

Anyway, I’d like to do a little shameless self-promotion, and ask you to check out my guest post over at married to chocolate. My friend Kris started the blog as a supplement to our grad school capstone project, a magazine aimed at divorced women.

When school and the project ended, she continued writing, transforming married to chocolate into a mouth-watering must-read for any dessert aficionado.

Read my post if you want (and try not to judge the awful self-portrait too harshly. I much prefer the one on this page), but don’t miss Kris’ commentary on all things delicious. Just prepare yourself for the drooling sure to follow.


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