the post-birthday world

a selection of cards from my lovely friends.

Yesterday was a big day: Beethoven’s birthday!* Okay, so it was also my 24th. As I contemplate turning another year older, and inching further and further (farther and farther?) into my twenties, I think about all the things I’ve accomplished, and all the things I have yet to achieve.

(*Though I have to say I was disappointed with Peanuts‘ lack of recognition, considering all the build-up.)

At 23 I got a master’s degree, met the love of my life, finally started this long-gestating blog, and interviewed at my dream magazine. I still need to secure a job using said degree, move closer to the BF, update waaaaay more, and try to break my unofficial boycott of The Title That Shall Not Be Named.

Oh yeah, and read more books.

I used to read a book a week, sometimes more, but with school, the soul-suck of the job search, and endless traveling, it’s been hard to fit it in. Birthday to the rescue! I received three new books as presents, and I can’t wait to dive in: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, and About a Boy and Songbook by Nick Hornby.

I’ve wanted to read all three for ages, especially Songbook, and I’m positively giddy that now I can enjoy them at my leisure. And since I seem to have a lot of leisure time lately, that will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

the birthday book haul. (with bonus bananagrams gift in the background!)

I’m also going to try to write more here, and hope to bring you reviews of each title. I haven’t written a straight-up book review since about the sixth grade, when I’d complete countless fill-in-the-blank worksheets asking for characters, plot details, and my overall thoughts and grades of books I read in my spare time. I found a whole bunch of these reports recently, and they generally involved copious exclamation points and grades in the A+++ range. I’d like to think my tastes have become more discerning since then.

Also in the spirit of growing up, I’m attempting to make my baby blog a more real part of the ‘sphere by featuring some guest posts in the coming weeks. The first should be up today, with at least one more to follow. (Ahem, Mark.) If you’re interested in writing one, or have suggestions for something you think I should write, drop me a line at

I even have a blog email now — how’s that for adult?

PS: Check out the site my flatmate Jaime made for me. This girl is talented (and thoughtful), no?


4 responses to “the post-birthday world

  1. Love Hornby, haven’t read Songbook yet, although I want to. About a Boy is awesome, obviously.

  2. I propose that you do a series of book reviews following the 6th grade fill in the blank format, scan them, and then post them to this site. Illustrations of your favorite scenes would be a must. Please consider 🙂

  3. Ditto. Actually, I’ve never read anything by Hornby, but I like what I’m seeing. Here’s a friendly piece of advice from an old pro–I’d like it more if there were more references to me, obviously. 🙂

  4. Also, I enjoy the design that shows up when I leave a comment and that website Jaime made for you is pretty sweet.

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