i’m not lying — this is stunning

As anyone who’s talked to me in the last few days is aware, life at home, it ain’t so grand. Good thing the Internet exists.

Thanks to a mention on The Huffington Post, I was introduced to this uh-may-zing a capella cover — complete with choreography! — of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” Behold, the glory of goofy guys attempting (and ROCKING) hilarious, suggestive dance moves:

My love for all things a capella dates back to high school, when I harbored a slightly unhealthy obsession with the University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers. But putting my clear bias towards these kinds of things aside, I truly think it’s a swell cover, and entertaining as hell.

If it can bring a smile to this miserable monster’s face, it gets my seal of approval. And I’m not bluffin’.


4 responses to “i’m not lying — this is stunning

  1. Despite the fact that I hate Lady GaGa this did make me smile. Hi Katie, at the urging of some people I started a blog… don’t know how I feel about it but oh well nice to see a familiar face.

  2. So would I be correct in assuming that you’ll be watching this new a capella show on NBC?

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