these things are fathomlessly out of our hands

After a long, shameful dry spell, Salt: The Silent Killer returned to trivia glory at the Panorama this past Tuesday, handily trumping the competition in both games. (Nevermind the fact that our competition consisted of less than half the normal number of teams who usually play. Winning is winning.)

we are the champions, my friends.

Aside from basking in the glow of our restored-to-greatness euphoria, this week’s contest was notable for another reason: the discovery of Fyfe Dangerfield‘s “When You Walk in the Room.”

Billy usually plays some pretty excellent tunes between questions and rounds, but this song stood out. The first word that comes to mind when trying to describe this track is “joyful,” and it’s apparent from the chorus of “I want you endlessly” that this guy is pretty damn happy.

Dangerfield is the lead singer of the Brit band Guillemots (another exciting find, thanks to Billy and Fyfe), and his solo debut, Fly Yellow Moon, drops in January. Suffice it to say, I’ll be eagerly awaiting its arrival (and probably ordering an expensive import, considering he’s on a UK label and the album won’t likely be available Stateside until several months later. Bollocks).

Got any good recent musical discoveries to share? What happens when you walk in the room? And do you know of any PSAs that might make a good trivia team name?


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