return of the nowak

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I’d like to say I have some grand excuse for why I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks. Truth is, life’s just gotten in the way.

An exhilarating interview followed by crushing rejection; multiple exhausting hospital visits and the passing of a beloved grandparent; ping pong-ing across the state coupled with too many goodbyes; laptop woes — it’s been a roller coaster, and I’m just trying to hold on for dear life.

Thank God for pop culture (in addition to my amazing, supportive family and friends, natch) to pull me through.

I’ve rediscovered the healing powers of Third Eye Blind’s self-titled debut, especially when blasted at full volume. I found some wonderful new-to-me sites and heard some amazing music, which I hope to feature here in the coming days and weeks. I discovered that the lack of a functioning high-speed internet connection can reduce me to a whiny, petulant, sometimes-weepy child.

But I’ll wage any war necessary with technology (and yes, with life) in order to satiate my need to enjoy and share entertainment — weekly or otherwise.

Now, as Mark Morrison says, I’m back to run the show.


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