it’s the final countdown

I’ve always loved reading Peanuts, Charles M. Schulz’s classic comic depicting Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang. One of my favorite characters is Schroeder, the precocious, piano-playing Beethoven worshipper, and Lucy’s unrequited love.

Schroeder’s connection to Beethoven always brought me immense joy, and not just because I count myself as one of the great composer’s fans. Beethoven and I share a birthday — December 16 — and just about every year, Peanuts and Schroeder mark the occasion.

You can understand my delight, then, when I read today’s comics and came upon this:


The countdown to my/Beethoven’s birthday has officially begun! But you probably already knew that.

Do you share your birthday with someone famous? Leave their names — and your gift ideas for me — in the comments.


5 responses to “it’s the final countdown

  1. I actually have the same birthday as Charles Schulz!

  2. meg, you’re the little red-haired girl!

  3. Thanks to the wonders of Wikipedia, I’ve learned many interesting things about my birthday, 12/26.

    Historically, this has not been a good day. Some bad things have happened, especially recently. There were major earthquakes on December 26 in 2003, 2004, and 2006. Apparently the occasion of my birth literally rocks the world.

    Oh, and December 26, 1919 was one of the worst days in sports history– the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

    I also share a birthday with some interesting people: Henry Miller, Mao Zedong, Steve Allen, music producer and accused murderer Phil Spector, disgraced former California governor Gray Davis, Carlton Fisk, David Sedaris, Lars Ulrich (ugh), Elizabeth Kostova, Jared Leto, and of course Chris Daughtry.

    Oh, and two American presidents died on 12/26: Harry Truman and Gerald Ford. So, yeah, busy day.

  4. According to I share a birthday with some celebrities that make me go “meh” (Michael Phelps, Fantasia Barrino, Monica Potter) as well as some total bad-asses (Mike Tyson, Vincent D’Onofrio). And apparently Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight and Memento fame, but IMDB tells me he was born in July. Bummer.

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