it’s like i’ve waited my whole life for this one night

Well, okay. Maybe not my whole life. But last night’s Jim and Pam Wedding Extravaganza on The Office was definitely a fulfilling chapter in my love affair with this show, and this couple. I kind of understood where Michael was coming from when he hilariously revealed that he painted a second portrait of Jim and Pam “in the nude. But that one is for me.”

michael with his SFW portrait.

michael with his SFW portrait.

As I watched with my friend Mark last night, he observed that this episode had the perfect balance of sentiment and slapstick, and the writers made sure that tone was apparent from the opening moments, where the audience was treated to the greatest/grossest chain reaction vomit sequence in recent memory. (Actually, I seem to recall a similar scene being in a movie a while back, but am blanking on what the film is. Anyone care to help me out?)

Here we were treated to the first of many fabulous Creed moments in this episode, when Mr. Bratton was caught scarfing down noodles while everyone around him was losing their lunch. The dead look in his eyes while Michael was trying to cover Jim’s ass during the toast (“It’s a different sensation when you use something to block…I think everybody knows what I’m talking about.”) was also priceless.

The entire episode was bursting with these little moments, blink-and-you-miss-it gems of facial expressions, body language, and subtle dialogue. I have far too many favorites to list them all (Maid of the Mist! Twins! Phyllis’s hat!), so I’m just going to wrap up this love-fest by sharing what I’m sure will go down as one of the best moments in Office history: the YouTube wedding procession rip-off, set to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” (For the record: I do still like the song, even if Brown is the scum of the earth, and thought the original video was charming, if a bit cheesy and over-hyped.)

the falls represent my melting heart.

the falls represent my melting heart.

My heart was so full of joy while watching this, I thought I might spontaneously combust. Ah, fake characters that I am far too emotionally invested in. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Thanks to Best Week Ever for the photos)


4 responses to “it’s like i’ve waited my whole life for this one night

  1. Is it Stand By Me that you’re thinking of?

  2. Regarding the chain reaction vomit gag, you may be thinking of Stand By Me, when Gordie tells the story about the pie eating contest, and Lardass Hogan gets revenge on the entire town by inciting a barf-o-rama. That’s the first thing I thought of, but I also just watched that movie two days ago.

  3. God, you’re good. That’s it.

  4. Oh, and there’s the scene in The Sandlot, when they all take chewing tobacco, go on the carnival ride, and hurl all over everything. Damn, vomit is funny. Except when you’re the one undergoing reverse peristalsis. Then it’s just unpleasant.

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