i never claim to understand what happens after dark…

I recently re-read my diary from eighth/ninth grade. Scary stuff. Between all the gushing about The Love of My Life (spoiler alert: he wasn’t it) and the whining about various teenage woes, one recurring item struck me.

On vacations, on weekends, after school, during school, seeing movies, hanging out with friends — it didn’t matter who I was with or what I was doing. I’d come home and detail the events of my days, arriving at the same destination: boredom. To paraphrase Third Eye Blind, I wanted something else to get me through this life, a life that certainly wasn’t charmed, semi- or otherwise. It was Snooze City, population me.

Cut to today. I finished my journalism master’s in June, eager to conquer the magazine world. I am still unemployed. Over these last few months, my junior high malaise has crept up all over again; I’m bored and frustrated sitting at home with no money and no job prospects. What’s a hopeful writer to do?

The idea to start a blog wasn’t new, but one I had previously pushed away. I didn’t have time to update, I didn’t have anything to say, I didn’t have a concrete theme, and most egregiously of all, I didn’t have a name. Clearly, I couldn’t take on such a responsibility.

But now, nearly four months after I moved back home, I know what else I need in this life: I need to write.

And so begins Catch the Sparks, a collection of random musings about life and pop culture. Here’s to not getting rusty, trying to land a job, and loving 3eb enough to name my blog after their song. Cheers.

3 responses to “i never claim to understand what happens after dark…

  1. umm. this pretty much makes my days, in at least three (3) ways:
    (1) seeing wonderful, quirky, uniquely “nowaky” (no-wacky? yes-wacky! yes wonderful!) writing come to life on paper once again.
    (2) destination: boredom? can i come with? then we can hang out there together, drink some wine, eat some nachos, drink some more wine (second bottle, alto cinco, anyone?) giggle our little faces off, and call it a night.
    (3) reading this makes me feel like i’m actually talking to you. which happens often, but not often enough. cause it’d never be often enough.

    ❤ YAY blog and you! keep it up 🙂

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